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We take pride in the safety and welfare of all our infants. We offer a phone app to check in on your little ones progress throughout the day. We have daily activities and lessons to stimulate your precious little ones.



We love watching our toddlers as they transition from infants to walking, talking, independent individuals. During the process, we incorporate fun lessons, crafts and play to help them learn and grow.



Such an exciting time, moving from toddlers to learning about choices and consequences. We use a positive reinforcement style of learning and discipline. Our methods have helped multitudes of children learn to function with positive outlook, attitude and functionality.



Our school preparation program insures our youngsters are ready for the transition into a school setting. We introduce them into a classroom style setting and they learn about working in groups, listening to instructions, classroom etiquette and playground safety.

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Our Approach

Here at Nanny Jenn's House, we take pride in our co-care plan. Each family will meet with Nanny Jenn personally to introduce yourself and your child. At that time, Nanny Jenn will lay out a care plan for your child(ren) that is customized to meet your child(ren)s needs. No 2 children are alike; therefore, their care plan should not be the same as every other child. We look forward to working together to come up with a co-care plan for your family.

What Parents Think

As a first time mother I was apprehensive about leaving my son with anyone After meaning Jen and her family, and seeing them interact with my son I was at ease. (The pictures and videos help) I've been taking my son there for about a month now. He has made a lot of progress thanks to the entire staff. With my job I can often work 10-12 hour days and Jen is more than happy to take him at anytime. She has been a blessing.

Amanda - Infant Son