About Us

A Place Where There Are NO Bad Days


Our Philosophy

Here at Nanny Jenn’s House, we pride ourselves in giving the highest level of care for each individual child. I am a firm believer in children being unique individuals and not all care plans work for every individual. We use a Co-Care Plan for each family designed with your child's individual needs as a priority.


What is Co-Care:

We have all heard of co-parenting plans to help children have consistency between their living environments. For working families, many children spend the bulk of their day in some form of childcare facility. I believe it is important there be consistency between home life and home away from home life. For this reason, I meet with each family personally to learn about each child as an individual and what habits and behaviors are used at home. This process helps me to understand the individual child's needs. Once I understand how the family dynamic functionality, I can begin to tailor create a care plan for your child here. 


The Osgood Method:

I have been in this industry my whole life, my mother ran a very successful daycare business from 1978-1996. My parents were pillars of our community, my father was a success hospital administrator and spent 20 years as the fire marshal. I spent my childhood and teenage years working for my mothers daycare. After high school I attended college and got my degree in early childhood education and behavioral science. I have an Associates degree in Human Behavior and Behavior Modification. Over the years I have created my own unique style of care and discipline that has proven very effective. We like to use the power of positivity to help the children learn and grow. I have found that helping the children find their center and focus on the positive they have an easier time making positive choices. We like to allow the children to learn that actions and choices have consequences and they are free to choose their own outcome based on the choices they make. Children learn self accountability and are less likely to inherit the victim mentality. We are not victims of circumstance, we are creating our own path by learning life lessons through trial and error.

Health & Safety

We understand that in these uncertain times, health and safety are of the utmost importance. COVID-19 has changed the way we live our daily lives in such a major way.

We do NOT require our staff or children to wear masks in our home. We do take every measure possible to keep our home germ free. I feel as though masks are so impersonal and it makes it harder to connect with the children. In order to connect, we need facial expressions, smiles, frowns, grins, etc. Making connections is how we learn and grow. I want everyone's individual personalities to shine.

We do have strict sanitation policies in place for staff and children in our care. We wash our hands often, wear gloves when changing diapers, sanitize hands regularly, sanitization bins for any items we find in a childs mouth, labels on bottles/tippies/cups, and staff members who are hired strictly for cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces.

We pride ourselves in keeping our home as clean and tidy as possible. We do have 3 dogs and 1 cat in our home. All of our animals are certified services animals and well trained. They are kenneled while indoors and are only outdoors when children are indoors. Odin is the daycare ESA (emotional support animal). He is brought out when the children just need a little puppy love. He has been such a blessing to our daycare and the kids truly love him.