Fun & Creativity



Not only do we do fun art projects, but science and experiments. We like the children to enjoy what they're doing, but keep it educational as well. Whether it be painting, coloring, sewing, cutting, pasting, and sometimes gluing, we like to make sure the kids experience all forms of art.



We have some very talented staff. We encourage our teachers to bring their instruments from home and play for the kids. We hand out toy instruments so the kids can play and sing along.



There are several forms of movement. Whether it is yoga, dancing, playing with the parachute or just doing the hokey poky, we love to move and groove. We like to practice our balance, our ability to mimic each other and relate to each other through our movements. 



Communication is tricky when you're and infant or toddler. We like to teach basic ASL (American sign language) to the babies to help them effectively communicate. As they get older they are able to develop and form words. 



Math takes many forms, it's not just numbers. Math is just as much about creating as anything else. It is important that even at an early age we teach the children that numbers are just as important as letters and combining numbers create the same harmony combining letters does.


Outside Play

i will be the first to admit that our playground is a work in progress. There are so many structures we are still saving up the funds to purchase. We are excited about the items we have and are even more excited about what is to come.