Our Curriculum



We believe that even our infants can benefit from a curriculum. We prefer the Teach My series. This fun set of lessons have textures, bright colors, fun pictures and is very interactive. The infants look forward to touching, hearing, seeing all the different things included in this stimulating lesson plan.



The toddler years are such a crucial time in the lives of our loved ones. This is the stage they develop language and fine motor skills. It is important that we nurture their needs so they can develop the social skills they need to survive. We take this time very seriously. We understand that while the first 5 years are the years that set the tone for our lives; however, the toddler years are truly the MOST vital. 



Once our toddlers have retained the knowledge of their letters, numbers, sounds, shapes and colors, they move into our preschool curriculum. This is a big transition. They begin to learn how to merge letters and sounds to make words. They begin to learn how to put letters together and sound them out to create words. This is a fun time with the interactive curriculum we have chosen. They also learn how to hold a pencil, how to write letters and numbers, draw shapes, put shapes together to make pictures. 



This may be a time for preparation to the children, but for us it is time to learn the actual required standards to complete kindergarten. We prepare them in preschool so they already have the skills they need. During this stage we make sure they can write their name, count to 100, have basic sight word knowledge, introduction into reading and writing and basic math. Why wait to teach them in a room full of 20-30 children when you can start now with a room of 4-8 children. This more individualized setting is extremely helpful during this phase of learning.